13" Intelli-Pack Standard I-Bar Sealer Shrink Wrap Machine w/ Heat Gun by Intelli-Zone

13" Intelli-Pack Standard I-Bar Sealer Shrink Wrap Machine w/ Heat Gun by Intelli-Zone

Final Price

  • Replacement parts available
  • Machine available in 5 sealing lengths: 13, 18, 24, 32, or 40 inches
  • Heat gun has high and low settings
  • Includes heat gun holder
  • Convenient film rack on machineIncludes outlet plug
The Intelli-Pack line of Standard I-Bar sealers from Intelli-Zone is the ideal tabletop shrink wrap machine for packaging everything from pizzas to CDs. The packaging process is simple and remarkably affordable. You have the option of choosing from five different sizes, with I-bars ranging in length from 13" up to 40". If you feel you may need a larger packaging dimension later down the road, be ware that you can use smaller rolls of shrink film in the larger machines. It can also be used with domed shrink bags and square shrink bags.

Using these I-bar sealers is extremely easy. First you will want to put a roll of centerfold shrink film (either PVC or Polyolefin) on the film support rollers (total of two) and then feed the film through the film opener. Once in place, simply place your product in the film pocket and pull down the arm. This will cut and seal the film. Simply turn the package 90 degrees to the left and seal the remaining open side. The Intelli-Pack includes a high-power variable temperature heat gun that can then be used to quickly shrink down the film. The entire process takes just a few seconds to a minute or two (depending on the size). Little training is required to get this machine up and running. Take advantage of this great low price and buy your Intelli-Pack shrink wrap machine today!
18 lb

Data sheet

Sealing Dimensions
13 In.
Wire Type
168 W
Power Supply
115 V
2 Years

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