13" Intelli-Pack Deluxe I-Bar Shrink Wrap Machine w/ Heat Gun by Intelli-Zone

13" Intelli-Pack Deluxe I-Bar Shrink Wrap Machine w/ Heat Gun by Intelli-Zone

Final Price

  • Adjustable timer and LED light indicate when seal is complete
  • Machine available in several sealing lengths: 13, 18, 24, 32, 40 (inches)
  • Heat gun has two settings: High and Low
  • Heat gun holder included
  • Film rack allows for smooth, continuous productionOne 100 ft. roll of center-fold, 75 gauge, shrink film is includedOutlet plug includedRepair Parts Kit included
The Intelli-Pack Deluxe I-bar sealer comes with everything you'll need to get your shrink wrap operations up and going. It can be used to quickly package smaller items such as CDs and DVDs or larger items such as fruit baskets (depending on the size of the machine). This tabletop shrink wrap machine includes a 50' roll of PVC shrink film, a heat gun and a replacement parts kit. Simply load your film, insert your product, seal the open sides shut and run a heat gun over everything. An experienced operator can easily package a CD in less than a minute. This style of shrink wrap machine is ideal for light to medium-volume use. It is made out of durable metal components, high-quality electronics and is made in the USA. Few I-bar sealers come close in quality or affordability. This Deluxe version of the Intelli-Pack I-bar sealer also includes a light that lets you know when the sealing is complete and includes an adjustable sealing timer dial. Buy your Intelli-Pack Deluxe I-bar sealer from an authorized Intelli-Zone dealer today!
20 lb

Data sheet

Sealing Dimensions
13 In.
Wire Type
168 W
Power Supply
115 V
2 Years

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